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Household Carpet Maintenance and Problems: Every house owner is very familiar with the fret that comes with maintaining carpets. Carpets become the casualty of our day to day lives; they tend to collect up dust and dirt and food spills cause very tough stains. Here are some of the problems with carpet cleaning at home summed up in different categories: Hard to Remove Food Stains: Organic stains caused by food are the most hard to remove. These stains are very tough and never clean up completely, no matter how hard you try. You need a professional carpet cleaning service to help you! Damage to the Carpet: Cleaning carpets at home can also bring all sorts of damage to the carpet fibers. For example, scrubbing too hard might cause the fibers to lose color and seem dull in appearance. It will also give the carpet a rough look and feel. Appropriate Cleaning Techniques: Professional carpet cleaners know the right techniques to treat each and every type of stains. Organic stains need enzyme based cleaning liquids that don’t damage the carpet...

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Rug Cleaning

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Rug Maintenance in the Household: Maintaining rugs in the household can be a very tedious task; besides, nobody has time for it. Rugs need extra care because they have fibers that are longer and more sensitive compared to conventional carpets. Here are some problems associated with rug maintenance that are unlikely to be dealt with at home: Organic/ Synthetic Stains: These two types of stains are common in households when it comes to rug cleaning and maintenance. Organic stains are mostly caused by food and drink spills. These stains are very tough and can never be completely removed. Synthetic stains can be caused by paint spills or other synthetic materials and they also need special formulas because household bleaches and detergents won’t work. Dust Infestation: Dust infestation is common in rugs due to the long fibers. Dust infests the fibers and no matter how much you vacuum or try to clean it. This problem needs a professional rug cleaning service, this will also give the rug a marooned and worn out look. Allergens and Odors: Allergens in the fibers...

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Upholstery Cleaning

Maintaining Upholstery at Home: Upholstery is evident to get dirty with passing time in any household. With continuous usage, the upholstery start to look unkempt and it doesn’t look like the shiny new ensemble when you bought it. Well the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Pacifica are at your service. Here are some of the problems associated with upholstery that require professional attention: Browning and Water Marks: The most common problem with upholstery fabrics is that the color tends to give way to browning, thus giving the entire piece of furniture a dull, unkempt and old look. This happens due to excessive use of harsh household cleaning liquids like detergents and bleaches. Dust Infestation and Odors: Dust infestation in upholstery can also lead to browning of the fabric and a dull visage. Dust includes allergens and the upholstery needs regular cleaning or family members might catch airborne diseases and allergies. Dust can also lead to an earthy odor in the upholstery that is very hard to clear. This is where professionals like Carpet Cleaning Pacifica can come in handy. Color...

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Water Damage Restoration

  Property Loss Caused by Water Damage: Water damage can cause you property loss of up to thousands of dollars. Water damage is mainly caused by plumbing failures and small water leaks around the house that are not noticeable but they damage your house with time. Here are a few ways how water damage can spread in a household and how it can be stopped: Leaky Faucets and Water Hoses: Leaky faucets in kitchens or washing machine hoses tend to get rusty with time and start leaking. The water leakage is minuscule and thus goes by unsuspected. The water slowly seeps in through the floor boards and causes mold buildups it also damages the floor boards beyond repair and you might just have to new ones fitted in. Broken Pipes in Walls: Pipes inside also tend to get rusty and start tearing apart at the seams. This is the most dangerous form of water damage because it will lead to molding inside the walls without letting you know. The damage can be so extensive that it can lead up...

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Best Carpet Cleaning in Pacifica, California:

When it comes to household maintenance, a professional service is something that everyone needs! Here at Pacifica Carpet Cleaning, we strive to become the ideal cleaning and maintaining service in the Bay area. We have great reviews from our regular clients in Pacifica and can be the ultimate choice for you.

With our work, we like to outdo ourselves and thus please our clients. We are the best professional rug cleaners in Pacifica, with many years of experience; we know just how to conduct efficient and effective carpet cleaning.

Our Philosophy:

Our pursuit with work is utmost professionalism and exactitude. We know our techniques very well and specially produce cleaning formulas for each and every types of problems. At Pacifica Carpet Cleaning, we are professionals who are completely devoted to their work.

We take extraordinary measures that everything is completed up to the mark and that there isn’t even a blemish left behind after effective cleaning from us. Being the best Pacifica Carpet Cleaners, we offer an array of advanced household cleaning and maintenance services.

Our Green Cleaning Methods:

Not only are our cleaning techniques fashioned distinctively, they have been formulated from all natural ingredients. All of our cleaning techniques are completely green and we use only organic products.  Here at Pacifica Carpet Cleaning, we take great pride in the fact that we are an all green business.

With all the formulas and modus operandi being green, our service is ideal for household cleaning. There are no harmful chemicals involved in cleaning the carpets, so if you have children or have pets in the house, our service is ideal for you!

These formulas are very mild, yet completely effective. They work their way into the stain to break it free from the fibers of the carpet without damaging the overall physiognomy of the carpet. We know the anatomy of effective cleaning and that is what makes our service one of the most prominent cleaning services in Pacifica.

Total Client Satisfaction!

When it comes to Pacifica Carpet Cleaning, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. We take our work very seriously and prioritize the needs of our customers. We have a great number of positive reviews from our clients in the area and take that one step extra to fulfill the client’s needs.

We work hard to make sure that the cleaning is seamless and there is nothing left behind for customer to fret upon. Once you hire us, all you have to do is relax and let us do the work.

Give Us A Call:

Getting in touch with us is very easy and the booking procedures take less than three minutes over the phone! You can call us on our hotline number (650) 262-1420 to speak to a representative.

We have also enabled a live chat option for the convenience of our clients; you can ask us any question and have them answered right at the spot by one of our online representatives.

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