Water Damage Restoration


Property Loss Caused by Water Damage:

Water damage can cause you property loss of up to thousands of dollars. Water damage is mainly caused by plumbing failures and small water leaks around the house that are not noticeable but they damage your house with time. Here are a few ways how water damage can spread in a household and how it can be stopped:

Leaky Faucets and Water Hoses:

Leaky faucets in kitchens or washing machine hoses tend to get rusty with time and start leaking. The water leakage is minuscule and thus goes by unsuspected. The water slowly seeps in through the floor boards and causes mold buildups it also damages the floor boards beyond repair and you might just have to new ones fitted in.

Broken Pipes in Walls:

Pipes inside also tend to get rusty and start tearing apart at the seams. This is the most dangerous form of water damage because it will lead to molding inside the walls without letting you know. The damage can be so extensive that it can lead up to complete property destruction. As soon as something is suspected, it is essential that you contact a water damage restoration company.

Flooding/ Major Plumbing Failures:

Flooding can happen in basements due to sewer pipe leakage and can initiate very unhygienic situations. It promotes the growth of algae and it will be a haven for insects like mosquitoes, flooding needs to be dealt with immediately. If the house has flooded then you’re going to have to call professional service, and there will be losses in property damage too. What to do? Hire the best Pacifica Water Damage Restoration Service.

Water Damage Restoration, Pacifica:

If you need professional assistance then fret no more because Pacifica Water Damage Restoration is at your service. We have helped many house owners to successfully reverse the damage and restore their property. We assure you that once you hire us, you will be able to rely on us and there will be nothing left for you to worry about.

Our Expertise and Exactitude in the Field:

Here at Pacifica Water Damage Restoration, we like to channelize perfection in every aspect of our work. We work with experienced and extremely proficient technicians and our staff is picked to be the best in the area. We conduct regular employee training sessions to perpetuate the quality of our work.

Our professional workers at Pacifica Water Damage Restoration are equipped with all the latest and heavy duty gadgets to carry out durable and top-quality work. So be assured and leave the work up to us. We will not only reverse the damages but make sure that they never come back.

Contact Us:

In case of an emergency, you can contact us on our hotline number for emergency help 24/7 – (650) 262-1420. We have a team of professional customer care representatives and they will answer all of your inquires. You can also talk to a member of the team via live chat from the homepage.

If you are eager about the cost then you can simply fill in a simple form on our contact us page and send it our way. We will get back to you within a few minutes with your price estimate.


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We serve both 94044 and 94045 ZIP codes of Pacifica, California and all its neighborhoods:
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Pedro Point and Shelter Cove in the south west,
Linda Mar, Linda Mar Valley, (formerly Pedro Valley or San Pedro Valley) in the south.
Park Pacifica in south east portions of the city (called the Back of the Valley).

We also cover nearby cities near Pacifica, California:
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